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The Executive Committee and 2017 Program Committee, co-chaired by Arielle Baskin-Sommers and Stuart White, invite submissions for the 7th biennial meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy to be held at Thomas More University College in Antwerp, Belgium May 21-24, 2017.

The submission portal is now OPEN and the deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2016.

Decision notifications will be sent by February 1st, 2017.



Dear All, 
Due to some technical difficulties, we are changing the submissions process for SSSP 2017. Thank you for your patience! 
All submissions will be completed through email. Please email your abstracts to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In the body of your email, please include: 
  • Title of Submission
  • Name/Institution/Email of all presenters. 
  • Submission Type 
    • Poster, Oral Paper, Symposium 
      • For Oral Paper or Symposium: If your talk is not accepted, would you present it as a poster? 
      • For Posters: Do you want your poster considered for a Blitz Talk?
Then, attach a single Word document with the abstract(s). 
The submission deadline will be extended to January 15th, 2017. Presenters will be notified of a decision by February 1st, 2017. 
The early-bird registration (until April 17th 2017) fees will be as follows: 
  • Students: $100.00
  • Members: $235.00
  • Non-members: $325.00
Regular conference registration fee (after April, 17)
  • Students: $150.00
  • Members: $285.00
  • Non-members: $375.00
See you all in Antwerp! 

See below for submission guidelines for the 2017 SSSP conference.  


SSSP Biennial Meeting Submission Guidelines

The 7th biennial meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy will be held at Thomas More University College and will take place May 21-24, 2017. An opening reception will take place on Sunday, 21st and programming will run from Monday (22nd) morning through Wednesday evening.

You may submit abstracts by going to SSSP’s website: The deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2017, 11:59 pm EST. We are accepting submissions for posters, oral paper presentations, and themed symposiums. All submissions should be related to empirical or theoretical issues pertinent to psychopathy.

You may register online for the conference by going to the SSSP website: Please register by April 1, 2017 to get the early registration discount.

There is no individual conference hotel. Instead, a list of nearby accommodations at varying price points can be found at


SSSP Full, Associate, Student, and Affiliate Members are eligible to present in the Conference program. Non-members can present only if the presentation is co-authored by a Full or Associate member. All presenters must register for the conference.

Submission Guidelines

Types of Presentations to Submit:

  • Symposia are submitted by a moderator and include 4 to 5 related paper presentations.
  • Oral Paper Sessions are appropriate for individuals who want to submit their own talk outside of a symposium. The program committee will group 4-5 paper submissions into the sessions.
  • Posters are the principal format appropriate for the presentation of empirical results.
  • Highly rated poster submissions will be considered for Blitz talk presentations (see below).

Please note the following closely:

  1. SSSP has a long-standing tradition of accepting no more than one first-authored paper per person, unless the second paper is an invited one.
  2. In order to maximize time for presentations and questions, discussants will not be encouraged. Should any symposium or panel wish to include a discussant, this will need to be approved by the program committee. All applications for a discussant should be made after notification of acceptances in January 2017.
  3. A point of emphasis for symposia this year will be clear, unifying theme for the symposium. Papers should come from different research teams to ensure that a topic will be approached from different perspectives. Symposia will be explicitly reviewed for cohesion and may be broken up to maximize cohesion and diversity for all oral sessions across the conference.

Required Materials for All Submissions:

  1. Title of submission
  2. Name of each author and institution/organization
  3. Email address for each author
  4. Category of presentation (symposia, paper, poster [and, consider as Blitz or not})
  5. For submissions:
  • POSTER and ORAL PAPER : An abstract of up to 2500 characters with spaces (approx. 400 words) that describes the problem, the methods, and summarizes the main findings and implications.
    • An overall symposium abstract of up to 1500 characters with spaces (approx. 200 words) that summarizes the symposium, focusing on how the symposium either a) brings together diverse perspectives (or conflicting views) on a single topic or b) discusses a single issue using multiple measures/methods.
    • Each presenter should also provide an abstract of up to 2500 characters with spaces (approx. 400 words) that describes the problem, the methods, and summarizes the main findings and implications.

Priorities for Paper and Symposia Submissions:

As the Society and biennial conference continues to grow in size, we anticipate that we will be unable to accept many high quality presentations. Thus, our goal is to be transparent with the review process and the priorities for the Program. Our priorities for the 2017 program are to highlight diverse views and research studies that are methodologically rigorous and provide novel perspectives on the study of psychopathy. Therefore, beyond the merit of each submission, the following points will be considered in creating the final program:

  • Diverse views – Submissions that present diverse views from different labs and using various methodologies will be prioritized.
  • Diverse approaches and samples - Presentations will be selected to balance the different types of approaches (e.g., psychometric, treatment/prevention, biological, risk factor) and samples (e.g., forensic, community, high risk; child, adult) used.
  • Novelty and methodological rigor – Presentations that address topics not recently covered in previous conferences and not already published will be prioritized. Presentations that contain preliminary or final results will also be prioritized.
  • Symposia should have a clear, unifying theme beyond a simple relationship to other papers. For example, a symposium consisting of 4-5 papers examining a single topic using different methodological approaches would be viewed favorably. Alternatively, a symposium presenting varied perspectives on an unresolved or controversial position would be viewed favorably. It is expected that papers within a symposium will come from different research teams to ensure that a topic is approached from different perspective. Symposia submissions consisting of loosely related, but high quality submissions will be considered for oral presentations and blitz talk and/or poster presentations.

Evaluation Criteria for Submissions:

The program committee will evaluate submissions across several dimensions. These dimensions are consistent with the past SSSP conference and NIH review criteria with additional evaluation of the points above (i.e., diverse views, diverse approaches, and novelty). Submissions will be evaluated on the following dimensions:

  • Significance of the research to advancing basic and/or practical significance in the understanding of psychopathy
  • Innovation and novelty for the broad field of the study of psychopathy, and in regard to prior SSSP conference presentations
  • Approach of the study: methodological rigor and appropriateness of analyses, including the presentation of results in abstract submissions
  • Integration of different perspectives
  • Diversity of research lab representation and perspectives, use of different types of approaches and/or samples, and novelty of findings
  • Cohesion (for symposia only) of the symposium, where all talks address a clear, unifying theme from different perspectives, using different methodology or similar.
  • Scores generated on the above criteria will be used to rank the best submissions. Then, from within the best submissions, we will balance the different types of research and perspectives to provide a diverse and broad conference program. Each submission will be blindly rated by at least two Program Committee members.

Three-Minute “Blitz talk” Papers:

Following the positive feedback from the 2015 SSSP conference, Blitz talks will once again be offered. This presentation format involves 3 minute presentations with 2 minutes for questions. Each period will be timed allowing for more presentations within a typical presentation talk. The Program Committee will chose highly rated submissions from Paper or Symposia submissions that were not selected for traditional presentations to be part of these 3 minute presentations. Moreover, the Program Committee will identify several highly meritorious poster submissions to have the opportunity to be part of these 3-minute presentations as well. At submission for all types of presentations, you may indicate if you would like to be considered for a Blitz talk. Presenters will also be required to prepare a poster to supplement their three-minute presentation.

Cheryl Wynne Hare Memorial Award:

The Cheryl Wynne Hare Memorial Award will be awarded to the graduate student who presents the best poster at the conference. Students who wish to be considered for this award must indicate that when submitting their abstract. Requirements for applying for the Cheryl Wynne Hare Memorial Award include that the student must be the first author of the submission and only completed studies can be submitted for this award. Posters being considered for the Cheryl Wynne Hare Memorial Award will be given as a Blitz talk and are presented on the first evening of the conference. Students submitting for this award must attend this Blitz talk and poster session and be available to discuss their work with the Award Committee and other members. In evaluating the submission, the Award Committee will consider the Blitz talk, the poster and the discussion with the applicant.

You will need to indicate if you are eligible for the Cheryl Wynn Hare Memorial Award at time of abstract submission.

Submission of a proposal implies a commitment to attend the conference and deliver the presentation if it is accepted. All attendees and presenters are required to register for the conference. Proposals will be accepted or rejected on the basis of program committee review.

Program Committee

Arielle Baskin-Sommers (Co-chair) Stuart White (Co-chair)
Inti Brazil Alice Jones-Bartoli
Craig Neumann

Questions can be directed to:

Arielle Baskin-Sommers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stuart White: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to you joining us in Antwerp! | The Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy

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