Awards - Cheryl Wynne Hare Award

This award is given from the Cheryl Wynne Hare Memorial Fund

in memory of the daughter of Robert and Averil Hare.

The award is cialis 5mg prices given to a student who presents the best poster at the meeting.

2013 Recipients.


Risky Decisions: The Role of buying viagra in philippines assistance Psychopathy Information in Decisions Regarding Dangerous and Long-Term Supervision Offenders.


& Adelle Forth, Carleton University.


Distinct Patterns of Neural Activation Underlie Economic Decisions in Individuals Scoring High and Low in Psychopathic Traits.


University of Porto & Georgetown University, Pedro R. Almeida, University of Porto, Fernando Ferreira-Santos, University of Porto, Fernando Barbosa, University of Porto, João Marques-Teixeira, University of Porto, Abigail Marsh, Georgetown University.


Honorable Mention

Informant Differences Among Primary and Secondary Variants of Callous Unemotional Adolescents.


University of New Orleans, Paul J. Frick, University of New Orleans, Eric A. Youngstrom, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jennifer Kogos Youngstrom, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Norah C. Feeny, Case Western Reserve University, Robert L. Findling, Johns Hopkins University.


2011 Recipients.


Cortisol, Psychopathy Dimensions and Types of Aggression in At Risk Youths.

Johanna Feilhauer

Maastricht University, Maastricht University, Maaike Cima, Tilburg University, Nancy Nicolson,
Maastricht University


Group Dynamics of Adolescents with Callous-unemotional
Traits and Their RiskTaking:
A Linguistic Inquiry.

Susanne Wolf

Luna C. Muñoz, Joanne M. McBoyle, University of Central Lancashire


Honorable Mentions


Why CU Could Stand forWhy CU Could Stand for "Callous/Unremorseful": Reconsidering the Factor Structure of the ICU.

Alexandros Lordos

& Kostas Fanti, University of Cyprus


Reduced Susceptibility to the order levitra cheap price Attentional Blink Deficit in Psychopathic Offenders: Implications for the Attentional Bottleneck Hypothesis.

Rick C. Wolf

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ryan W. Carpenter, University of Missouri,
Christopher M. Warren, University of Victoria, Joshua D. Zeier, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Arielle Baskin-Sommers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Joseph P. Newman, University of Wisconsin-Madison


2009 Recipients.

Psychopathic personality traits and cortisol response to stress.

Megan O'Leary & Jeanette Taylor.

Florida State University


Psychopathic traits moderate electrophysiological activity and only now fear response

Arielle Baskin-Sommers

John Curtin, Jeremy Bertsch, Joseph P. Newman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2007 Recipients.

The misconception of psychopathic low anxiety: Meta-analytic evidence for the absence of inhibition, not affect.

Karen Derefinko

& Donald R. Lynam, University of Kentucky


Psychopathic women's evaluation of emotional facial expressions

Hedwig Eisenbarth

Georg W. Alpers, D. Segre, A. Angrilla, University of Wuerzburg

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