Article VII


The Executive Board shall direct a Nominations Committee to determine a slate of candidates for officers and members of the Executive Board taking into consideration nominations received from the membership. The Nominations Committee will be chaired by the Past Past-President and will include two additional members of the Society who are not members of the Executive Board who will be selected by the current President in consultation with the Nominations Committee Chair.
In those instances in which the Nominations Committee places more than two individuals on the ballot for an office, members will rank order all candidates (1-k) from top choice (1) to bottom choice (k) and the lowest mean ranking will be used to determine the outcome of that election. Members must vote on every candidate to have their vote counted.
The President of the Society shall ordinarily serve in that office for two years but shall not, in any case, serve in that office for a total of more than four years. The offices of Secretary and of Treasurer may be filled by the same individual without limit of time subject to the requirement of election every four years. Members of the Executive Board may serve without limit of time subject to re-election for any four-year term.

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